'; Botox Cost
Botox Cost

In 2005 the national average cost of a botox injection was just over 375.

Botox cost. The cost benefits and everything else to know. Allergan is committed to making your botox treatment affordable and accessible. 250 350 there is a difference in pricing based on the duration of the results says la based injection specialist lisa goodman. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon administering botox at a medical office on average costs 14 17 per unit of botox or 600 to 1200 or more for multiple areas.

The cost of botox injection is around 200 to 250 per area with a range of 15 to 20 units. The botox list price also known as the wholesale acquisition cost wac 1 is 1202 for a 200 unit vial. A nurse administering botox in a mall on average costs 9 12 per unit or 200 300 per area with 20 30 units which can run 200 600 for a typical treatment. Post treatment touches up costs around 30 to 50.

The approved dose is 155 units every 12 weeksthere may be additional costs for the procedure which will vary by healthcare provider and insurance. 18 there is a base fee of 50. The rewards risks and good to knows about going under the needle. Botox cosmetic average cost.

The rebate program is available for a 20 rebate on the follow up treatments.


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